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Sour Tangie, a brand spankin’ new sativa strain at Prohibition

Ever get so stoned that when you close your eyes, you feel like you’re falling off a ledge? Yep, that’s Sour Tangie, a new strain available at Prohibition Herb. We got our hands on Sour Tangie a few days before it’s set to be released – which is this Thursday, October 11, in case you’re interested – and let me tell you, this...

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A review of Bootlegger, a hybrid weed strain

“Make sure you make a note that this strain makes you stupid.”

That was the directive muttered to me by a friend shortly after we smoked the hybrid strain known as Bootlegger, which we’re reviewing from Pagosa Therapeutics this week.

I should have known that this strain would make us stupid, because, well, all of...

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Talkin’ blunt and stayin’ blunted with palm leaf blunts

There are always ways to fit in a Drake reference, and I will use those opportunities any time I can get them (see headline above). This week, we’re reviewing – you guessed it, thanks to that Champagne Papi lyric! – blunts.

But not just any blunts, you guys. Palm leaf blunts from Prohibition Herb, which are – you...

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Musical marijuana: Strain names inspired by the sweet sound of rock

Music and marijuana are like two birds of a feather. They don’t just flock together; they’re the birdie yin to the other’s yang. After all, what is a concert without a fat sack? And what good is passing the dutchie to the left-hand side without a sweet, sweet soundtrack to pass it to?

Given that both weed and music are...

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Night Nurse broke the insomnia curse

Earlier this week, I had some of the best sleep I’ve had in five-ever. (That’s one more than forever for you noobs.) As a chronic insomniac, the days of sleeping through the night are few and far between, and I refuse to take Ambien after one very disconcerting sleep-driving incident. I have come to accept my fate, and the...

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Slow-drying herb is the only way to do it

I made a new friend this week, a rural-living fellow. He lives out in the boonies, a place where supply trips happen infrequently and bartering is a way of life. He told me a friend, who had done a bit of gardening in the past, who had decided to try his hand at raising a few outdoor cannabis plants, and that things had gone...

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Life is good in a happy haze

While most of the DGO crew headed up to Denver last week to get beery, I took my show on the road back east to put my patience and joint-rolling skills to the test. Ram Dass’ gem – “If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family.” – worked its way to the forefront of my thoughts as I prepared mentally,...

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A fancy review of live sugar from Harmony Extracts

This review took me two hours to write because I typed it with my pinky in the air. This week, I am fancy. Harmony hash fancy.

What is Harmony hash, you ask? Well, good question. It’s an extract (obviously) that’s new to Prohibition Herb, and it’s kinda top notch. Like, for real.

According to our friends at...

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Vegan edibles to feed your inner hippie

We have a bone to pick with you, Colorado. There are NOT very many vegan edibles in this state, which became super clear as we did the research for this article. How?! How are there not more vegan-friendly weed edible options in a state full of healthy weirdos and weed? Someone please explain it to us.

California, on...

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Awake, stoned, and starving after smoking Sunburn

If you’re a regular reader of these reviews, you will not be surprised to learn that Sunburn, the sativa strain we’re reviewing from Pagosa Therapeutics this week, followed the trend of ALL of this dispensary’s strains, and it borderline killed me. In a good way, mind you, but still. Death was near.

Because I am a bad...

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All hail DJ Short, a true weed pioneer and CannaBoss

It has been a while since I ran a CannaBoss column. Truth be told, the level of the company in this category – folks like Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, the scientist who discovered THC; or Jack Herer, the man who exposed the political chicanery surrounding the prohibition of our sweet, sweet herbal friend AND brought that...

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A Birthday Cake (cake, cake, cake, cake) strain review

I grew up in a pretty darn conservative household, and as a teenager, everything fun was off limits – especially (gasp) early era MTV and HBO. But, being the rebel without a cause that I am, I used to skirt around said restrictions by plugging the cord to the massive old satellite into the beat up old tube TV in my bedroom...

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Time to bust a gut laughing with these stoner comedies

This week, we are going to come down off the lofty marijuana mountaintops and celebrate one of the simplest pleasures in life, a joy that goes hand-in-hand with partaking of the reefer. What we’re talking about is getting stoned to bejeezus and laughing until everything else becomes just a speck in the rear-view of life....

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