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Strain review: Cherry Diesel

So, apparently Prohibition Herb is about to pull out the big guns. And by that I mean their new premium line, which was made available in the dispensary last week.

We got our hands on some of the Cherry Diesel, which is one of the new strains that will be part of that premium line. Cherry Diesel is a sativa hybrid with...

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Weed review: Pax Era and Harmony pods

I have spent my morning playing vape-related games on an app instead of working. I suppose if I wanted to, I could justify my serious bout of dicking around by saying it’s technically for work, because the games are on the Pax Era app that goes with their Pax Era vape, which is quite possibly the most sophisticated vape I...

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Strain review: Cookies and Cream

Dudes, I really love Girl Scout Cookies, both the strain and the actual cookies. Getting stoned is my favorite time of the day, and Girl Scout cookie time is my favorite time of the year. Thin mints for the win! Anyway, that’s how I knew I would probably like Cookies and Cream, the strain we were reviewing this week from...

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Concentrate review: Bubba Babies wax turned me into Patrick Star

Well, friends. Pagosa Therapeutics is back to trying to off me with weed. Or, more specifically, with concentrate.

This week, they sent over a little thing called Bubba Babies PHO Wax, and I would like to tell you how the review of this stuff went, but I don’t remember that much. My notes are a mish-mash of nonsense,...

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Concentrate review: THC-A Crystalline is pure hash and purely badass

“How would you like some high quality cocaine?” the budtender asked, laughing as he handed me the tiny container of Harmony Extracts THC-A Crystalline.

“Holy crap. It does look like cocaine,” I said, trying to hide my nerves under a thick layer of false bravado. “I’m excited to try it.”

We’re friends, so I’m not...

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Product review: Giving our health the time of day with Foria’s Hemp Tonic

In a world of deadlines, ticking clocks, and endless to-do lists, it’s easy to lose sight of your health and wind up eating ramen at your desk on the daily instead of a salad or a fruit-filled smoothie. Luckily for us, Foria, a cannabis company out of California, decided to take pity on us and send us a few products to give a...

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Edible review: Best to stay away from Stillwater’s Gentle Green Tea if you have a lot of shit to do

At the top of Stillwater Brand’s can of Gentle Green Tea is the phrase “relax into life,” and, man, do they mean it.

With a loooong to-do list hanging ominously over my head, I am constantly a jumble of nerves and anxiety. So, I decided to pick up a can of this tea at Durango Organics. Stillwater’s Gentle Green Tea is...

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Product review: Coda bath bombs were a waste of bathwater

A couple of weeks ago, I spent $35 on some bath bombs. Before you shade me, these were Coda Signature bath bombs from the Symphony Collection, and the box contained three bath bombs, each with 15 mg of THC and 15 mg of CBD. That’s a total of 45 mg of THC and 45 mg of CBD, for those of you who are bad at math.


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Product review: If you can overcome pee-colored water, Mary Jane’s Heavenly Hash Bath is relaxation central

I’d been eyeballing Mary Jane’s Medicinals Heavenly Hash Bath for a few weeks before I finally decided to say “what the hell” and take the satisfied-looking woman on the front of the bag up on her offer of bathing bliss.

The hash bath is made up of cannabis (obviously) among other herbs: Epsom salts, dead sea salts,...

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Strain review: Nitro Cookies and Bubbleberry 99 live resin

I completely overslept for work this morning. How, you ask? Well, the blame goes to a little thing called Bubbleberry 99 live resin, which we procured from our friends at Chronic Therapy in Cortez.

Chronic Therapy sent over Bubbleberry 99 and Nitro Cookies live resin for us to review, and since we wrote on their PHO...

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Strain review: Brain OG

I am not going to lie to you, friends. Brain OG stinks. It stinks so much that as I type this, I can smell it seeping out of my desk drawer. It is a stank ass strain.

Perhaps that’s because it’s a product of Lemon OG and Sour Diesel, the two strains that were crossed to create ol’ Brain OG. Sour Diesel smells like a...

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Strain review: Lemonana wax from Newt Brothers

Google “Lemonana strain” and you won’t come up with much – the search mainly returns recipes, photos of some fancy lemonade, and a handful of other random stuff. It’s a shame that there isn’t much info out there about the greatness of this stuff, because if you ask me – and unfortunately for you, that’s the point of this...

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Strain review: Special Ops wax

This past Monday was Veteran’s Day, so it’s fitting that the strain we’re reviewing this week from Pagosa Therapeutics is called Special Ops. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid, and the flower from this plant typically contains about 30 percent THC. That’s a lot, I know, and we’re not reviewing the flower. We’re reviewing Special...

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