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Awake, stoned, and starving after smoking Sunburn

If you’re a regular reader of these reviews, you will not be surprised to learn that Sunburn, the sativa strain we’re reviewing from Pagosa Therapeutics this week, followed the trend of ALL of this dispensary’s strains, and it borderline killed me. In a good way, mind you, but still. Death was near.

Because I am a bad...

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All hail DJ Short, a true weed pioneer and CannaBoss

It has been a while since I ran a CannaBoss column. Truth be told, the level of the company in this category – folks like Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, the scientist who discovered THC; or Jack Herer, the man who exposed the political chicanery surrounding the prohibition of our sweet, sweet herbal friend AND brought that...

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A Birthday Cake (cake, cake, cake, cake) strain review

I grew up in a pretty darn conservative household, and as a teenager, everything fun was off limits – especially (gasp) early era MTV and HBO. But, being the rebel without a cause that I am, I used to skirt around said restrictions by plugging the cord to the massive old satellite into the beat up old tube TV in my bedroom...

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Time to bust a gut laughing with these stoner comedies

This week, we are going to come down off the lofty marijuana mountaintops and celebrate one of the simplest pleasures in life, a joy that goes hand-in-hand with partaking of the reefer. What we’re talking about is getting stoned to bejeezus and laughing until everything else becomes just a speck in the rear-view of life....

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Here’s what happens if you smoke Flo before bed

I made the mistake earlier this week of falling asleep after I’d smoked some Flo, the strain we’re reviewing this week from Prohibition Herb. It wasn’t a BAD idea, per se, but it definitely led to some weird ass sleep patterns. Here’s what happened.

Let me tell you a little bit about Flo first. This strain is a hybrid...

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What does it mean to be something?

Identification is a funny thing. What we align ourselves with defines us on some level, regardless of whether the alignment is made by thoughtful or unconscious decisions.

I have been keenly aware of custom license plates during my recent travels. Here is a small sampling I’ve come across, coupled with the musings that...

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My dog is not a deer, but Orange Krush told me otherwise

Earlier this week, I mistook my massive dog – he’s half Great Dane and half Boxer (with the coolest brindle coat ever) – for a deer. I smoked a little bit of the Orange Krush sample sent over from Pagosa Therapeutics, and that was all it took to send me off onto that voyage.

Me: “Holy shit! I totally just saw a deer on...

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Jedi Sun: The Force is strong with this one

There is nothing I like better than a good “Star Wars” reference, which is part of why I was stoked when this week’s sample from Prohibition Herb arrived. It’s called Jedi Sun, and please rest assured, there are no Jedi mind tricks at play here. The Force is strong with this one. (Be warned: There are a whole lot of these...

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The Poison Punch strain led to stoned tomfoolery

Well, you guys. Pagosa Therapeutics is two for two. Last week, their Pachamama sample kicked my actual ass, and this week, we’ve got Poison Punch, a hybrid that ALSO kicked my ass. I’m starting to notice a trend. Here’s what happened.

I smoked a bowl of this pale green, orange-haired beauty with a friend a couple of...

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A stoned plan to celebrate the end of summer

As we have seen so many times, when September shows up, summer slips away. But, this year, let’s make a last stand for the shining season. Soon enough, we will have nighttime temperatures in the 60s, then the 50s. Good sleeping weather, to be sure, but those nights will be followed by nights below 50 degrees, and I am not...

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Live rosin made me into a brilliant stoner

Ahem. Let’s talk dabbing, shall we?

This week, we were given a little thing called live rosin to review, which came to us courtesy of our friends at Prohibition Herb. It’s the first time we’ve checked out a concentrate made from Prohibition’s strains, and if you like dabbing, man, are you in for a ride.

So, this...

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Pagosa Therapeutics offers a window into the cannabis world

Step into Pagosa Therapeutics in Pagosa Springs, and you’ll likely notice that this dispensary differs a bit from the status quo. There are windows where the walls should be – windows that lead to another world: the cannagrow, where the shop’s cannabis plants are grown and nurtured. A bit further down the hallway, right past...

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The kush is strong with Pachamama

Earlier this week, I got so high that I accidentally washed my hair with body wash. I am THAT person.

How did I do that, you ask? Well. Let me tell you. It’s a little thing called Pachamama, a strain we picked up from Pagosa Therapeutics in Pagosa Springs. And it... well, it is deadly. This strain is a sativa hybrid...

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