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Miles High Labs made its (400,000-square-foot) CBD mark on Colorado

Mile High Labs just became the Willa Wonka and the Chocolate Factory of Colorado. Instead of making chocolate, however, Mile High Labs works with CBD products that come from hemp and we think that’s just as great.

Earlier this month, the company opened a monolithic facility measuring 400,000 square feet in Broomfield,...

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Edible review: 1906 Midnight

I won’t lie to you, dear readers, it’s difficult to write 600 words about a product that made you fall asleep. Granted, this product – Midnight – was specifically made by Denver cannabis company 1906 to do just that. But alas, the process of falling asleep is not an exciting one – all though, in this instance it was a...

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Strain review: Grape Kush

Have you ever smoked something that made you feel like Flat Stanley waving in the wind? Like you’re made of flimsy paper, and every move vibrates through your thin, paper-y body? Like you could be mailed in an envelope and propped up in front of the Eiffel Tower for a photo op, but you can’t straighten out because you’re...

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Strain review: Blumese

“Should I order a bunch of Chinese food from Door Dash: Y or N” – this was the last text message I sent out after smoking a bowl of Blumese while on a trip to Denver last weekend. I don’t remember sending it out – I actually don’t remember much of anything, really – and it’s all due to this wicked, strong-as-bull strain from...

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Edible review: Keef Cola Blue Razz

“You boys sure do smell like reefer!” said the elderly ticket taker. It was September 23, 1994, and I was going to the premier of “Pulp Fiction” with my college buddies. At the time, we smoked brown schwag in large quantities. You had to smoke lots of it to get high, and we sure did smell like reefer after puffing a blunt or...

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Learn more about making marijuana a little bit greener with Sustainability Symposium

No one is saying marijuana is a bad thing – far from it. But, like everything in life we could all learn to make our use of it a little greener.

That’s why we’re excited that the fourth annual Cannabis Sustainability Symposium, put on by the Cannabis Certification Council, is kicking off October 4, in downtown...

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U.S. House of Representatives approves banking bill in favor of cannabis industry

In a win for the marijuana industry, the United States House of Representatives just passed a banking bill at the end of September that would open the door for banks to work with cannabis companies without fear of federal prosecution.

“The SAFE Banking Act will help thousands of employees, businesses and communities in...

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Praise be to the green gods » It’s time to harvest homegrown marijuana

The harvest moon has passed and the autumn freeze is coming. The window has arrived for me to harvest my first homegrown crop of marijuana. I am super excited and I love the scent of the skunky flower. After a lifetime of buying pot – and occasionally getting blessed with gifts – I will finally have my own free pot to...

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Strain review: Chemmy Jones from The Green House

What smells like a diesel train, tastes like flowers, and gives you an epic, wide-awake buzz from the concentration gods? Chemmy Jones, that’s what.

As you may have guessed, we’re reviewing the strain Chemmy Jones, which is a sativa-leaning hybrid created by crossing Chemdawg D and Casey Jones. We were told by our...

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Weed review: Wana 510 Vape Cartridges

Ever felt mile-high meta enough to get into some yoga poses while simultaneously laughing so hard you face plant during an attempt to perform a high lunge? No? Well, you clearly haven’t used anything from Wana’s new line of flavored 510 vape cartridges.

This Boulder-based cannabis company hasn’t just made a name for...

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Strain review: Craft Panacea Banana Kush Live Resin vape cartridge

Before we launch into this Craft Panacea Live Resin vape cartridge review, we want to address the current controversy surrounding vape safety. As you likely know, there have been some reports of vape users getting sick and/or dying from using vape products. It’s important to note that in most, if not all of these cases, the...

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Durango just got a little greener: Say hello to The Green House

There’s a new sheriff in town. Well, not exactly, but there is a new dispensary. The Green House has been around for a hot minute in Pagosa Springs, and they’re spreading their green wings and opening up shop in Durango. You can find The Green House at 730 S. Camino Del Rio, just a few parking spaces away from Durango...

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Strain review: MK Ultra

MK Ultra: the name may sound familiar, and for good reason. Project MK Ultra was the name of a 1950s mind control experiment by the CIA, and it was basically focused around the use of LSD to alter the mind. That’s the short answer. The long answer is much longer, much more convoluted, and if you’re unfamiliar with it, you...

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