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What is it?

Sueño is an obscure strain that’s gaining popularity in Colorado both for its amazing effects and its good production value. Because there’s nothing online, researching its genetics and origins was a serious challenge that brought me all the way back to one of its original breeders. After many phone calls, I...

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Get to know Canna-Boss No.1: Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, the guy who isolated THC

Oh, hello, DGO – we’re gonna do something new here in our little weed garden this week as we greet the de facto arrival of springtime. Please enjoy the first of an occasional installment series looking at some of the great minds and voices of the cannabis movement. We’re gonna call it Canna-Bosses and our first is an...

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Strain of the week: Citrix

What is it?

Citrix is a very powerful cross between sativa-leaning Grapefruit, and heavy-indica LA Confidential. Even though she’s 50 percent indica, she smokes all sativa. At around 20 percent THC, its indica lineage keeps it balanced, and its high terpene profile makes it an amazingly comfortable smoke.


Ar 160309569

Netflix and Chill - 420 Edition: ‘Adventureland’

“Adventureland” is a whimsical period film about a not-too-distant American time period, though one we can nonetheless express nostalgia for – the ’80s. Directed by Greg Mottola (“Superbad”), this one stars Jesse Eisenberg as a nerdy, post-college intellectual named James. He is accepted into Columbia for grad school, but his...

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Netflix and Chill: 420 Edition – ‘Fletch’

The great thing about “Fletch” paired with weed is that you could be in a room full of high people, each doing different strains, and everyone would have something to dig into.

First, for the cerebral crowd, “Fletch” has a somewhat intricate plot full of twists, surprises and reversals. It’s not Ulysses by any means,...

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Weed review: Space Cream

What is it?

Space Cream is relatively new to the scene, but it’s already gained a great reputation as a very psychoactive sativa-leaning powerhouse. She’s the love child of Space Queen and Timewreck, and exhibits the best qualities of both. The genetics would leave you to believe it’s around 70 percent sativa, but when...

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As Supreme Court looms, more villains, lies, political agendas

As we gear up for what will potentially be the most important legal battle in the nearly century-long war against a bush, the challenge to the United States Supreme Court of Colorado’s legalization by Nebraska and Oklahoma, let’s take some time to review the history of cannabis in relation to the penal code.

First, a...

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Strain review: Mother’s Finest

What is it?

Originally bred in Amsterdam by Sensi Seeds, this 70 percent sativa dominant strain is fast becoming a favorite right here in Colorado. The breeders named it after Frank Zappa’s band, and even though I hate the name, this is an amazing Jack Herer cross that definitely shows its Haze and (rumored) Northern...

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Outside the history of hysteria, how scary is marijuana?

This morning I checked my news feed, laughed as another testimonial of cannabis playing a major role in curing someone’s cancer brightened my life, thought about a girl I went to school with whose daughter used cannabis to reduce her seizure frequency from dozens of episodes daily to almost none, and read about the...

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Netflix and Chill — 420 Edition: “Clerks”

“Clerks” is a low-budget, black-and-white cult comedy from 1994 directed by Kevin Smith. This one is perfect to watch when you’re stoned because it’s pretty intellectually low-maintenance and doesn’t require a lot of effort on your brain’s part.

The film is practically plotless; it consists of two convenience store...

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Weed review: The Drops (tincture) by Canyon Cultivation

What is it?

Cannabis tincture is made by dissolving its constituents in alcohol. I’m not usually a fan of tinctures, but this little powerhouse has definitely changed my mind. The 100 milligrams of THC is suspended in an all natural, no GMO, gluten free, Co2-extracted alcohol-based liquid and flavored with essential...

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Miracle on the horizon? Using cannabis to fight cancer

Welcome, class. Today in Weed 101, we’re going to take a comprehensive look at cannabis as a medicine and see if we can arm ourselves with some important knowledge to carry forward.

First of all, a bit of review: Yes, this is, without a doubt, a “real thing,” not some sort of shenanigans perpetuated by stoners in an...

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