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Netflix & Chill: 420 Edition - ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’

The “Wild West” has always existed as a romantic piece of mythology, but the advent of civilization makes it impossible for outlaws and bandits to get away with what they used to. Smoking weed would’ve been fine in the West’s glory days, but in modern times you’ll get busted pretty quickly (unless you live in a legalized...

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Finding ‘home’ when your consciousness is altered

Altered states of consciousness, at their best, are a return to a place best described as “home”: that home of the mind, of the soul, that place where we know that we’re here on this planet at this time as the result of billions of years of ... something.

This “something” may be specifically ordered by some universal...

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Strain review: Strawberry Nightmare

What is it?

The only reason to wake up terrified in the middle of the night is because you’ve run out of Strawberry Nightmare. At 28.2 percent THC, it’s enough to put any somnambulist worth their weight in weed into a pleasant coma. She’s a newcomer to the Colorado scene, and growers are keeping her genetics closely...

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Netflix & Chill: 420 Edition – ‘Edward Scissorhands’

It’s hard to believe Tim Burton made “Edward Scissorhands” over 25 years ago. This is his best and most iconic film; a feast for the eyes and a lyric tonic for the stoner’s soul. Like many of Burton’s projects, “Scissorhands” tells the story of an outsider. Edward (Johnny Depp) lives alone in a towering mansion at the top of...

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Ram Dass and how we explore and spread consciousness

“I think the message is that you don’t need to go to anywhere else to find what you are seeking.”

— Ram Dass, “Be Here Now”

For those of you DGO readers who have been following “Seeing Through the Smoke” closely, you might recognize that this column is, in some respects, little more than a decorated reading...

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Strain review: Blue Dream

What is it?

Blue Dream is a 50/50 hybrid whose parents are a cross between Blueberry, which is a heavy indica, and Super Silver Haze, which is mostly sativa. The example I have has an extremely high THC content (coming in at just over 25 percent) and packs enough CBDs and terpenes to give it a great overall effect. ...

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Netflix & Chill: 420 Edition - ‘Room 237’

If you appreciate bizarre documentaries, you need to check out “Room 237.” Directed by Rodney Ascher, the film is an intense examination of the potential “secret meanings” behind Stanley Kubrick’s horror-thriller “The Shining.” (Con: you have to love “The Shining” in order to find this interesting. Pro: you should already...

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Navigating the spider webs of life, sober and not

As I travelled around the World Wide Web recently, I got caught up in some metaphorical spider webs. They’re old webs built by spiders dosed on various psychoactive chemicals. I remember seeing the pictures of them back in my days, early sophomore year, in a magazine I’d collected for my work-study library job. It was a...

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Strain review: Louis XIII

What is it?

Like most of the California Ocean Grown strains, Louis XIII has heavily-rumored origins. The truth is she’s an OG Kush phenotype, and most likely back-crossed and stabilized with her close cousins. Unlike the sativa-feeling OG Kush we’re all familiar with, the Louis leans far to the indica side. The example...

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Netflix & Chill: 420 Edition - ‘Finding Nemo’

There is no possible way you can have a bad time watching Pixar movies high. Visually, they are colorful and vibrant. Emotionally, they are sincere and profound. Narratively, they are surprisingly complex and funny. Plus, they’re ultimately intended for both adults and children to enjoy (and watch together), so you’ll feel...

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Tincture Belle Chronic Dreamz

What is it?

It’s 100mg of THC infused in smooth white chocolate with crunchy cookie pieces mixed in. The candy bar-style edible is sectioned off in ten 10mg doses, and contained in a childproof plastic bottle. Each bar is made with high quality Ghirardelli chocolate and has the feeling of being handcrafted.


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4/20: Mythology and fact

There’s a lot of mystery and mythology surrounding this number. Sure, you see “420-friendly” on a roommate listing and know exactly what it means – (it means you want to move in ASAP) – but do you know WHY it means that? Here, we’ll dispel some common misconceptions and get to the truth of the matter.

Myth: It’s Adolf...

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