Cold beverages hit the spot at Mi Tequila in Dolores

by Nick Gonzales

During a recent trip to visit a friend in Montezuma County, I suggested hitting up one of Mancos’ alcohol-slinging businesses. A newly-minted Dolores resident, she countered with the idea of checking out Mi Tequila.

The new Mexican restaurant had sprung into existence underneath my radar, apparently during the height of quarantine, in the spot where Dolores’ Chavolito’s restaurant used to be located. Its name has one of my favorite words (I don’t care *whose* tequila it is, as long as it finds its way down my throat), though, so I heartily agreed.

The first thing we noticed was the pleasant ambiance of the patio. Sure, it’s on the same side of the building as State Highway 145/Railroad Avenue, so every once in a while, the sound of a passing truck is going to drown out conversation. But at the same time, the breeze passing through made an otherwise very warm day that much more bearable.

The other thing that cooled us down was also our favorite part of the experience: the beverages. Knowing I’d be remiss if I didn’t get a beverage with the spirit in the restaurant’s name, I ordered the Spicy Mango Margarita. My friend ordered a Michelada, which, if you just arrived in the Southwest from, like, space, is cerveza preparada made from beer, lime juice, chile sauce, and spices. The size and presentation of both put smiles on our faces.

My margarita came in a large, heavy goblet rimmed with Tajin and with its spicier ingredients forming Jupiter-like patterns of yellow and red on the inner edge of the glass. And much to my delight, it came with one of those tamarind-chile straws you’d find in the antojitos section of a Mexican market. The cocktail itself, blended, was a bit more on the spicy side than the fruity side. But that’s fine. I mean … they gave me candy with it.

My friend said her Michelada was “spicy and tangy in a very summer-like way.” She also noted that the large glass stein it came in made her feel like a Viking.

When a restaurant has booze in its name, it seems only natural to get whatever food they serve made with said booze — so I also ordered the Pollo Borracho, literally “drunken chicken.” Chicken breast cooked in a wine and tequila sauce, sauteed with onion, mushrooms, and bell peppers (and served with cheese, guacamole, and pico de gallo), it had an interesting zest to it. Imagine the essential flavors of both wine and tequila and combine them in your mind – it had the best version you’re imagining, combined with spices that made for some very tasty chicken.

My dining companion ordered a vegetarian burrito and said the vegetables were nicely spiced and perfectly crisped, and the whole thing came wrapped in a flavorful tortilla. (The corn tortillas I got with my dish were fine — nothing to necessarily write home about – so I’m now a bit intrigued about Mi Tequila’s flour tortilla-based dishes.)

Will we be returning to the restaurant? I’d say it’s very likely. Sure, Dolores has a number of places to grab a great beer, but next time I’m in town and craving something a bit more agave-based, Mi Tequila will be on my shortlist.

Nick Gonzales


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