Need some help finding your inner effing zen?

by DGO Pufnstuf

When it comes to feelings like calm and happy, my brain typically just does not compute. You’d think with as much weed as I smoke that I’d be a walking caricature of a goofy stoner, right? And while that can occasionally be the case — usually after a few strong edibles — that is not my normal vibe. I’m primarily a walking basket case of nerves and sensitivity, which is probably a large part of why I consume so much cannabis. It makes me tolerable to the people around me.

But a new development occurred this week, and I think you should know about it. While I’d normally be a stressed-out mess right now between deadlines, more deadlines, and all the dang deadlines, I’m not. In fact, my high-strung, slightly neurotic brain has been in a state of blissful zen for the last 24 hours instead.

And no, it’s not because I convinced some unsuspecting doctor to prescribe me Xanax for my anxiety. It’s all thanks to a little strain called 24K Banana.

This strain is one of the new premium strains on the shelf at Prohibition Herb, and — as you may have gathered by the name — it’s a cross between two pretty well-known strains: 24K and Banana. That mish-mash of 24K and Banana results in a hybrid strain that contains about 24% THC — and is known for giving users a laid-back, lucid high.

Well, that sounded great to me. Ain’t nobody (especially me) need an ampedup high, so I was down to try this ol’ girl out.

And let me tell you — that was one of the best decisions I’ve made when it comes to my weed choices, because 24K Banana is a badass.

One of the first things I noticed about this strain after popping the lid off of the fancy-ass jar that Prohibition’s premium strains come in was that the bright green nugs were dense and compact — and if I looked closely, I could spot little orange threads throughout. While perhaps not the most impressive-looking strain, it’s a pretty one for sure.

And, the second thing I noticed? Well, it was the overwhelming aroma of bananas, which was sandwiched between hints of citrus and the distinct smell of weed. The bananas were not surprising, given that this strain has a lineage in Banana Kush — but I was surprised to smell the citrus. I’m guessing that smell stems, pun intended, from the strain’s 24K roots. Or maybe I’m just grasping at straws, I don’t know. But I know what I smelled, a’ight?

I also know what I experienced shortly after I lit this sucker up, which was pure and unadulterated weed bliss.

I’m not kidding you, guys. Shortly after I stuck my nose in this jar, I grabbed a few of those dense nugs and then halfass crumbled with my fingers before tossing them into my good ol’ Pax vape. I am the laziest of stoners, I know.

And that’s all it took to get very stoned and very happy — just that one bowl of this weed. That’s pretty darn impressive, if you ask me. After all, there are plenty of strains out there with higher THC content than 24K Banana — but they don’t always result in such a quick, apparent high.

This one was just different from the start. One puff of that banana-flavored smoke and it was clear that I’d met my match. My head started to feel light and airy, and I could just feel the tension drip off of my shoulders like a bag of bricks sliding off a ramp. A few more hits and my brain was swimming in what can only be described as plain old bliss. I suddenly had no troubles, no fears, no worries. Who cared if I was on a deadline but was stoned rather than writing? Who cared if I was getting emails about late assignments?
Who cared if writing sometimes seems like the most mundane but maddening of chores?

Not me, that’s who. At that point, and at that moment in time, I had not a care in the damn world. It was

I was so carefree, in fact, that I passed out at some point, the feeling of happiness and warmth wrapped around me like a cuddly, weighted blanket. Like the best session of weed therapy, I guess, courtesy of Dr. Ganja.

And while the feeling I got while stoned on 24K Banana was great and all, what really stood out to me about this strain was the fact that I continued to feel that way well after the high was over. The effects may have lifted from my brain, but my state of zen wasn’t.

It stuck.

Since smoking this strain, I’ve gained a feeling of peace with the normal, everyday stresses that tend to compound for me. I’m slower — in a good way — and find myself taking more time to approach what’s on my plate, even when things are starting to look like the Leaning Tower of Writing Assignments.
That’s huge.

Now, can I say for sure that it was the 24K Banana that did the trick? Of course not. But I do think that the effects of this strain allowed me to relax enough that I was able to align and refocus.

I guess the best way to put it was that it offered enough of a mental break that I felt comfortable lifting up that huge pile of bricks once again — and they didn’t feel so damn heavy the second time around.

We all struggle with that feeling every once in a while. And if you’re dealing with something similar, I would definitely give this strain a try. I can’t promise you that it will make it easier for you to face the overwhelming pile of work stress, or home stress, or just general life stress, but it sure as hell made me feel zen. And if it can do that for my high-strung ass? Well… it can do that for anybody.


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