Strain Review: Doobiebird Daydream is my new weed boo

by DGO Pufnstuf

You guys…I think I’ve found my Pagosa Therapeutics sweet spot. You know how EVERY ONE of their strains has sent me to another dimension? Well. I’ve finally found one that sends me to Mars and not to the Mirror Universe. (It took me a long time to think of that. Don’t roll your eyes.) It’s a hybrid strain called Doobiebird Daydream, and it is freaking killer.

But, you know…not killer in the murder-y way the other strains have been. While I have greatly enjoyed being knocked on my ass by things like Bootlegger and Poison Punch, Doobiebird Daydream was killer in a very manageable way. No nonsense words came out of my mouth with this one. Always a good thing.

I lit up a bowl of Doobiebird by my lonesome on a Monday night and fully expected to be down for the count afterward. The strain, which has the COOLEST lime-green buds, is a Blue Dream/Sanjay Gupta Kush hybrid, and it seemed to follow all of the rules of Pagosa’s knockout strains. It was a little harsh on the inhale, very fragrant – like a mix of gasoline, pine needles, and a wayward skunk – and I felt the effects kick in almost immediately.

I started off with a head high, where I felt myself falling into the deep recesses of my brain and everything that came to mind was brilliant and had never been thought of before. It was one of those highs – at least initially – where I felt it necessary to write down everything I thought of, but looking at the list of brainy ideas today, they were all mediocre ideas at best. I’ll spare you the details.

It didn’t stay contained to a head high, though. That was just my initial impression. Shortly after my brilliant brain side emerged, I began to feel the very obvious effects of an all-over body high, which felt like little electrical surges pulsing through my appendages. Sounds gnarly, but wasn’t. It was just noticeable, not uncomfortable. Then things dipped into that weird zone, the one where you think you can feel all of your bodily functions, like the pulsing of your blood through your veins, or the swoosh of thoughts as they fly into your brain.

I felt happy, high, and smart, which is a pretty great combo. And things stayed pretty manageable from there. I did at one point sit on the couch with a freaking pan of Rice Krispies treats in my lap, and felt it necessary to make a note that said, “When you have so much work to do, but you just suit (sic; I meant sit, I think) on the couch and eat delicious junk food instead.”

But that was pretty much the only downside. And eating junk while stoned is only a downside when your jeans suddenly won’t fit, which hasn’t happened YET, so we’ll just put that in the neutral category for now.

Between the body high and the copious amounts of sugar I’d consumed, I fully expected to crash into the cushions of the couch at any point, but oddly enough, I didn’t. I just rode out the high, mood elevated and headache gone, until I made the conscious decision to take my ass to bed.

That’s right. I MADE the decision. Doobiebird gave me my stoner autonomy back. Somebody alert the presses.

I really liked this strain, and while I haven’t tested it yet, I think it would be a pretty badass choice for daytime toking. You won’t crash out, you can function, and it’ll make Rice Krispies treats taste EVEN better than they did while sober. Those are my favorite things, which means whether it wants to be in a relationship or not, Doobiebird Daydream is my new boo.

DGO Pufnstuf


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