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Strain review: Aloha Limon

Friends, I cannot tell a lie: I am lazy af on the weekend. My Fridays start with fantasies of productivity and personal projects I’ve long put off. But, by the time the sun comes up Saturday morning, I’ve long decided my weekend will solely consist of sprawling out on my couch, remote in hand.

Impressive, I...

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CVS Pharmacy is getting in on the CBD-product game

Want some CBD cream to soothe your achin’ joints? Well, now your local CVS Pharmacy might carry it.

This week, the massive drug-store chain announced they’ll be offering hemp-derived CBD products in some of their stores, according to NBC News.

CVS Pharmacy will offer the products including cream, spray, and...

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This time, CO bill allowing autism patients to use medical marijuana might actually pass

There’s a strong chance that those diagnosed with autism in Colorado will soon be able to use medical marijuana to treat it.

House Bill 2028 was passed by the Senate on March 20 in a landslide 31 to 4 vote, according to Westword. The bill’s final destination will be the desk of Governor Jared Polis who his staff claim...

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Your guide to navigating the sweet, sweet deals of the 2nd Annual Durango Cannabis Crawl

April is more than just that time of year when (HOPEFULLY) the weather takes a turn for the warmer. It’s also time for our Second Annual Cannabis Crawl, sponsored by Sweet CO2 Oil, when you get to take a jaunt around Durango in cannabis sale deals glory.

We’re just as excited about it as you are, and we’re here to...

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Show off your plant skillz in Grow-Off competition

So you’re one of those people who doesn’t instantaneously kill a plant as soon as you lay hands on it? Congrats!

Maybe you should consider getting in on the Grow-Off, a growing competition once only open to licensed growers that now allows for you Coloradoans that likes to keep your green in the backyard, or...

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Canada is trying to make weddings better with weed

Let’s face it: despite how much you might care about someone, weddings are the worst. They’re stressful, long, expensive, and you tend to run into a lot of people you don’t want to run into.

Luckily, Canada is on top of the issue.

The country’s first cannabis wedding expo, Canadian Cannabis Wedding Expo, was held...

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Strain review: Haterade premium rosin lava

We would normally steer you away from drinking the Haterade (sorry – I’m so sorry for that cheesy line), but this week, we’re going to encourage you to take a big swig of that salty liquid. Erh, a hearty inhale of that sweet rosin vapor, rather.

You’re probably wondering what the hell we’re talking about, so let me get...

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Strain review: White Animal Diamonds

I woke up in a dead panic from a death-like sleep this morning, and I normally would attribute it to sheer laziness and daylight savings time, but this time I’m attributing it to White Animal Diamonds from Chronic Therapy in Cortez.

Why, you ask? Well, because I vaped some of those shiny yellow diamonds – crystallized...

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Strain review: Axilla Shatter

Hi there. I have a little friendly warning for you. I’ll give it to you in two parts. 1.) Go grab yo’self some Axilla Shatter from Pagosa Therapeutics or you’ll regret your life choices, and 2.) ONLY USE IT AT NIGHT. I mean that.

Why do I mean that? Well, friends ... if you smoke it during the day, you’re going to feel...

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Homemaking goddess Martha Stewart is getting in on the CBD biz

I think we can all agree Martha Stewart, the face of homemaking and hand-stenciling your hallway, has gotten substantially cooler since she joined forces with rapper and weed aficionado Snoop Dogg. Case and point, when she asked Snoop to rap while they were stirring brownie mix on “Celebrities with Martha.”

So, now that...

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Strain review: Confucius Kush

Confucius say ... confession is good for the soul, but bad for your career.

Perhaps that faux Confucius quote is a mantra I should live by. It probably won’t happen though, and I’ll still confess to you every other week my weed-related sins for your voyeuristic pleasure. But while I don’t plan to stop confessing, even...

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Strain review: Jedi Cherry Diesel Live Sugar

What’s better than regular ol’ Jedi Sun and Cherry Diesel flower? Well, nothing really, but what’s different and just as great as those two strains? Uh, Jedi Cherry Diesel Live Sugar from Harmony Extracts, that’s what. That live sugar is what we’re reviewing this week for Prohibition Herb, and let me tell you fools, this...

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