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Strain review: Cherry Diesel

So, apparently Prohibition Herb is about to pull out the big guns. And by that I mean their new premium line, which was made available in the dispensary last week.

We got our hands on some of the Cherry Diesel, which is one of the new strains that will be part of that premium line. Cherry Diesel is a sativa hybrid with...

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Strain review: Moon Rocks

There is nothing chill about Kaviar’s Moon Rocks. Nothing. Nada. Finito. No chill. These wretched, beautiful little things are an amalgam of every cannabis product known to man: They are a Sour Diesel nug that’s been dipped in hash oil and then completely coated in kief. That’s right; they’re deadly.

Or, if not deadly,...

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Strain review: Pootie Tang

I’m going to just come right out and say it. This week’s strain is called Pootie Tang, and I am going to do my very best to try and avoid double entendres and inappropriate jokes in this review. NO PROMISES, THOUGH.

Kapa-Chow! Let’s do this.

So, Pootie Tang is new to Prohibition Herb’s shelves, and will be ready...

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Strain review: Shishkaberry

Shishkaberry. ShishkaBERRY. That is the strain we are reviewing this week, and the name of this indica-dominant hybrid strain is not an exaggeration at all. This bud smells like strawberries, without a hint of much else. I had to stick my nose in the container a few times to make sure I wasn’t influenced by the “berry” part...

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Strain review: Mob Boss

Here is a pro-tip: When starting with Mob Boss, a sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing Tang Tang and Chemdawg, you should tread carefully. Very, very carefully. Otherwise it’ll take you out at the knees and you’ll find yourself buried in cement and holding up some Jersey turnpike or something.

What I mean by that...

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Strain review: Jack White

This week, we’re reviewing Jack White, an original Prohibition strain, which these mad men created by crossing Jack Flash and Casey White. But here’s the thing. I don’t like Jack White*, the musician. His new album is the bane of my existence. Unless it’s Jack White in The Raconteurs, or early era White Stripes, keep it away....

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Strain review: Banana Hood

Am I the only person out there who immediately calls bullshit on weed strains that are supposed to smell like fruit? I can usually decipher a slight undertone of berries or whatever with that type of weed – especially if the name (cough, Shishkaberry, cough) plants the seed in my brain – but RARELY do I pop the cap open to a...

Edibles review: Bubba Kush Root Beer

This week, we’d planned to change things up by throwing in a review of Bubba Kush Root Beer, which I mistakenly thought was a cola-flavored fizzy drink infused with 10 mg of THC. I don’t know. Don’t ask.

So, once I realized it was root beer – i.e. once I’d left the dispensary, “cola” bottle in hand – I was nowhere near...

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Strain review: Sour Maui

This week’s strain, Sour Maui, is a strange bird, and I say that with the utmost weed respect. This strain is a hybrid sativa created by crossing Sour Diesel and Maui Wowie, two powerful (and beloved) strains, but for me, it barely mimicked the effects of either of those strains. It instead led to a whole new... weed world....

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Strain review: Fainting Goat

What images do you conjure up when you read the words “Fainting Goat,” the name of this week’s strain from Pagosa Therapeutics? Do you imagine a sea of tiny goats all getting the vapors at once and flopping over dramatically? Yeah, me too. But, let me tell you, that is not accurate.

This strain’s name is a bit of a...

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Strain review: Fantasia

Uh, are you guys looking for that one strain that gives you a major body high? The one that leaves you super-glued to the chair in a mellow, ever-so-slightly comatose way? Great. You’re insane, but also in luck, because I have the perfect strain for you. Say hello to Fantasia, a new strain from Prohibition Herb. She’s going...

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Strain review: Sage and Sour

So, something super weird happened Friday night. I realized that night – well, I’m like, 85 percent sure, anyway – that my high school friend Ram is one of the cops on Live PD, the best-worst show on television.

How did I come to this conclusion? Well, it all started with some Sage and Sour weed, which was sent to us by...

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Strain review: Lockport D

This past weekend was the peak of the Perseid meteor shower, and hopefully you guys managed to catch some of it on Saturday night, after the clouds cleared and the sky filled with twinkling stars. It was definitely a brilliant sight to behold. I spent that evening – the night before the meteor shower was supposed to be at its...

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