Product review: Discreetly smoke your anxiety with Wana’s indica and hybrid vape pens

by Sir Blaze Ridcully

As soon as I mentioned Wana Brand’s new product line of disposable vapes to my budtender at Durango Organics, he instantly lit up. We discussed how much we loved how easy and discreet the pens were. The batteries stayed strong. The vapes, though small, were sturdy and didn’t break easily. The design is sleek. These vape pens apparently fly off the shelves.

Safe to say, I was excited to revisit this brand’s new product line.

Wana, as you probably know, is best known for its edibles line. However, they recently released four disposable vapes. Each pen boasts proprietary terpene distillate blends that combine over 40 organic botanicals for flavor and claims to have consistent effects every time. The concentrates, we are told, are produced from single-source, pesticide-free cannabis using CO2 extraction. On another upside, these vapes don’t contain harmful solvents, fillers, or cutting agents. Each of these pens is loaded up with 300 milligrams of concentrate. It’s hard to imagine you could go wrong with any of these options.

Basically, these super easy to use pens are the shit and are $30 a pop. Last time, we tested two of their CBD/THC 1:1 Balanced and the Sativa Diesel pens, so this time we opted to test out their Indica Kush and Hybrid Haze pens and see how they stood up to the other two.

Indica KushLEVELS: THC – 79.68%; CBD – 0.48%It was late and I had stayed up far past what I should have. A sharp headache bordering on a migraine throbbed sharp drills of pain into my left temple. What was even the point of going to bed, I wondered. I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep due to the acute, stabbing ache pulsating in my head, seemingly by an invisible tool.

I had recently picked up my stash of Wana’s new vape line and I thought to myself, “What the hell. Why not give one a try and see if it helps?”

Drawn to its dreamy blue coloring, I plucked out Wana’s Indica Kush vape. Like I stated previously, Wana’s vapes are small, easy to use, and discreet if you so need to be. In other words, if you need to sneak away to decompress from a bunch of people, you can hide in a bathroom and toke on this and no one would ever be the wiser.

Though I wasn’t trying to hide from anyone, I did need to figure out how to calm my brain down enough that I could fall asleep. Eventually.

Fortunately me and that headache, Indica Kush provided just enough relief to dull the drilling in my skull and slow my brain down to where I could relax a little. I did appreciate that this vape didn’t completely couch-lock my ass right away. It was more like a slow, comforting descent into relief, and then, “Damn. I guess it’s 9 p.m. Good night y’all.”

Hybrid HazeLEVELS: THC – 77.58%; CBD – 0.32%Social gatherings tend to stir up a bit of anxiety in me, so I found the perfect opportunity to use Hybrid Haze when hitting up Durango’s downtown bar scene one evening. A handful of friends and I made sure to pre-game the evening with a few tokes of this pen, and boy, was I a lot more excited to go out once we did.

One of my favorite things about Wana’s vapes is the taste – it’s an almost sweet herbal flavor with a spicy aftertaste, and it almost instantly turned into unstoppable fits of laughter.

I felt more energized and ready to be social, rather than playing the Orin of the group – creepily haunting a dark corner of the room (that’s a Parks and Recreation reference for you).

The effects wore on for awhile, and when I started to feel them wane, I sneaked away for a few more discreet tokes until I was ready to get back in the ring with my pleasant head high and renewed, albeit temporary, outlook on leaving the house every once in awhile.

Sir Blaze Ridcully


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