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Police search Iowa mayor’s house for attempted murder suspect, find weed instead

Iowa sheriff’s deputies may not have found the attempted murder suspect they were looking for when they dropped by Jamaica, Iowa Mayor LaDonna Kennedy’s house, but they did manage to find a whole lotta green. That is arguably a much better deal.

According to the Des Moines Register, Kennedy, mayor of the town of 217...

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Some days, getting high just helps you along

Turkey Day seemed like a good day for a wake-n-bake. It’s not something I do a whole lot of nowadays. Most of my mornings involve a yogurt and fruit concoction from the blender, a mason jar of coffee and a few hours of wandering around the woods and cornfields with a crew of dogs. Not a bad gig if you can get it ...


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Strain of the Week: Chem-4

What is it?

Chem-4 is considered the best of the Chemdog phenotypes, and, unlike the others, is more of an indica. Shrouded in mystery and arguments, its rumored beginnings say it is from Montana with early roots in Colorado and Massachusetts. Let’s just say it’s an all-American.

The Effects


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Strain of the week: Amnesia Haze

What is it?

This skunk-type strain was first bred in The Netherlands, and is a mostly sativa-feeling hybrid from a mixture of an Afghani Hawaiian hybrid and sativas from Jamaica and Laos.

The effects

Amnesia Haze is the perfect name for this energizing Sativa because you instantly feel the cozy, hazy cloud...

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High ass recipe: Broccoli mac and cheese

The main ingredients here are two things that should be in every kitchen at all times: A box of macaroni and cheese for those times you need a quick, go-to comfort food, and a package of frozen broccoli, something that'll keep forever that you can toss into pretty much any dish to make it instantaneously healthy (or...

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Spiritual and cellular: How growing weed changed me

As my boy Chocolate Duck likes to say, “There’s levels”: Jimi and Jerry and James Brown, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, Christopher Columbus, Walt Whitman, Kerouac, Kesey – some people are seekers, pushing things until they’re reshaped, until the boundaries are redefined and everyone who comes later on lives in a different...

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Strain of the week: Master Kush

What is it?

Master Kush is a heavy indica with only about 5 percent sativa. It’s a combination of Hindu landrace Kush strains and Skunk #1, originally bred by White Label, a longtime favorite in Amsterdam.

The effects

Master Kush is the girl you don’t know you’re in love with until it’s too late. She smokes...

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Seeing through the smoke: Galaxies in my eyes, the strain that hit me perfect

If you smoke long enough, you’re probably going to find a strain that suits you best, a go-to breeding that fits your personality and hits you just right. When you smoke it, you know. It feels like home. For me, it was that cheese: Barney’s Farm Blue Cheese, to be exact.

The technical information lists BFBC as an...

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High-ass recipes: Cereal Killer

In this week’s High-Ass Recipe, I’ve chosen the divine power of sugary cereal – snack blessing of the gods – to satisfy your primordial hunger of highness.

Not long ago, I sought a fix from my friendly neighborhood Albertsons. Swaying before the rainbow wall of Trix, Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops, Apple Jacks, Frosted...

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Don’t get too comfortable: The War on Drugs isn’t over

I spent a lot of time this week reading, trying to immerse myself in the background of this plant here in the Land of the Free. So, it’s Sunday night into early Monday morning, I’m online reading, wandering around the house, taking a bong hit every couple hours, talking to my dogs, reading about Henry Aslinger, our nation’s...

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High-Ass Recipes: Baked to perfection

To make this high-ass recipe, you’ll need some basic ingredients and opposable, lighter-flickin’ thumbs. These bakey cinnamon, apple and oats are wholesome, wintry vitlins that’ll satisfy your anytime-snacking needs, a serious dessert fix whilst giving you a perfectly delicious and moderately healthy breakfast...

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Ganga, dagga, diesels, kushes? Here’s a primo primer

Welcome back, friends. I hope the week held some time for productive endeavors, some time for cultivating what you love, and a healthy span of relaxation. This week we’re going to begin to look at what we’re looking at: The generally innocuous plant that grew to become the center of its own little universe.


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Elvis oatmeal: You don’t have to be high to enjoy this ... but it sure doesn’t hurt

When it comes to Elvis, Chef High Guy thinks we should all admire how he could take control of an audience with nothing more than a white jumpsuit and a quivering upper lip. He could also take control of some food, The King being in the pantheon of junky overeating, ahead of his time when it came to high-ass eating. One of...

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